production facilities

Editing / Programming Suite: 

220 sq ft dedicated suite includes includes work stations for up to 3 people and seating for 5 .  24 hour access.
  • 80” 4k 60hz Sony Monitor
  • Licenses of Vectorworks Vision, Capture 2019 and MA3d
  • Mac or PC  stations
  • DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel and DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • NEC Mutli Sync Color Calibrated Monitor with Calibration dongle
  • 2.1 channel M Audio Reference Speakers with subwoofer
  • 12g 4k SDI Monitors
  • Timecode Tools
  • MA Lighting grand MA3 light consoles
  • Disguise Designer Workstation
  • Follow Me with PSN workstation
  • Touch Designer Commercial License
  • Notch Builder License
  • 4 x “hot desk” Editing workstations in open office environment
  • 100 mbps down and 20 mbps upload internet, Static IP
  • 180tb of Fiber Connected 10gb storage
Nearby lodging and restaurants. Easy access to Kennedy expressway and mass transit in Chicago’s Logan Square Neighborhood.

In House Media Servers:

2 x Disguise GX2 with SDI VFC cards
2 x PRG Mbox Designer
2 x PRG Mbox Studio+
2 x Green Hippo Hippotizer Boreal
2 x Green Hippo Hippotizer Amba+
2 x Resolume Arena

In house Rendering Facilities:  

120 cores of 2.96ghz Xeon CPU based  render farm

18,000 cores of network connected CUDA GPU based render farm

Current Supported Plugins:

Greyscale Gorilla: Signal

HantMade: Stage & Magnets

Most CV plugins including ArtBox, VR Cam and the others

INSYDIUM : X Particles 4 and Cycles 4d

Turbulence FD

OTOY: Octane

Maxon: Redshift

Mekakiki Render Garden for After Effects

Render Farm Links:

Render Farm Login

Render Farm Power Management